Saturday, 7 May 2011

Calling all UK Based Animal Welfare Groups- Now is our time to help the animals of Romania

To all Uk Based Animal Welfare Groups
Reference: Official UK Demonstration against Romanias Animal Abuse
Date: 26th May 2011
Location: London

For the first time in Great Britain, UK based Animal Welfare Groups and citizens from all over the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to collectively stand together and tell Romania that no longer will we allow them to hide behind their blanket of corruption and abuse. We will not allow them to hurt, mame, brutalise, abuse, torture and horrifically take the lives of animals all in the name supposedly of Animal Control!!!

Great Britain has a very proud history of standing against cruelty, defence of the helpless, refusing to back down to  bullies, and defending our allies no matter what. Let us do this once again, but this time for the voiceless, the helpless, quite litterally the underdogs.

This is our time Great Britain,this is the moment when with one almighty roar we say "Romania, No More"

Join us on 26th May 2011 in London, make a stand for what you believe in, what you preach about and work so tirelessly to defend. After all words without actions are simply words. These animals need far more than words right now, and the ball has fallen in our corner to defend them, to speak for them, to fight for them.

Will you be joining us on 26th May 2011? Will you be willing to take one day out of your lives to speak up for the Animals of Romania?
If so, please visit the following website for more information. Click here for website

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